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A look at a student who won big

Rehman Kassam, a law undergraduate student at Nottingham University, is bound to one of the most popular people on campus after a big win of £35,000 in a World Poker Tour warm-up tournament at the Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham, Europe’s largest poker venue. While most university students worry...


Bills bills bills! The ins and outs of earning cash at university

Universities across the country are now opening their doors and welcoming freshers. And all these fresh new students will be experiencing a steep new learning curve. If you didn’t go in September, you will no doubt be preparing to in October! Not just with regards to their studies and subject!...


Studying abroad? Read these essential money tips

More and more students every year are going abroad to start or complete their further education. As great as this path can be, it can be a costly one. If you’ve got money worries about studying abroad, check this out. Take the right first step Sometimes, simply getting to the college you need...

Piggy banks

How to become the most frugal student of all time

Are you going to start taking this ‘student lifestyle’ thing seriously? Then it’s about time you become the penny-pinching miser you’re supposed to be. It’s all about holding on to as much of your money as you can and maybe even ending up with a bit more. To do that, you have to learn...

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