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Pencil and notepad

Cheap ways to ace your coursework

University will be starting within the next couple of months. And that means you’ll soon be inundated with lectures, exams, and coursework. Some people struggle with all the studying and find many ways to help support them throughout their studies. Unfortunately, many of the extra help you can...

Lemonade stand

Six ways to make extra money to get through uni life

We all know university life can be expensive with the seemingly never-ending costs of rent, books, technology, and beer and keeping your bank balance in good health can be difficult. Some students may spend their free time watching Countdown and Deal or No Deal, but if you want to make some extra...

Bills calculator

How to escape the debt trap: A guide for the rest of us

One of the sad facts about further education in the UK is cost. People that go to university often rack up a lot of debt that can take decades to clear. It's a rather depressing thought, don't you think? Student loans don't have to get paid back unless you start earning a certain amount each...


How to find affordable accommodation without sacrificing quality

As a student, it is important that you do everything you can to save the pennies. All students know what it is like to reach the end of the month and find that they have insufficient funds. Of course, part of the process of living life as a student is to try to make ends meet. Ideally, you should...

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