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Simple and creative ways to make some money in your spare time

Money makes the world go round; there’s no doubt about it. These days, life seems to be more money-driven than ever before. Personally, I put this down to the rising cost of living. But, that’s a separate issue for a different day! Today’s issue is how you can make some extra money in your...

Student confessions

Bank of Mum and Dad footing the bill for higher education

A third of students would rather ask their parents for money rather than forego night out, a new study has revealed. University can be an extremely expensive time for both parents and students. Accommodation, travel and utility bills all add up meaning it is essential for students to keep...


About to start investing? Read this first

Investing is usually something that works out better for you if you’re taking a long-term approach. With that in mind, it’s absolutely understandable that many students will want to begin investing as soon as possible. By putting a bit of money down on an asset while you’re young, you’re...

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Cheap ways to ace your coursework

University will be starting within the next couple of months. And that means you’ll soon be inundated with lectures, exams, and coursework. Some people struggle with all the studying and find many ways to help support them throughout their studies. Unfortunately, many of the extra help you can...

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