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Five unexpected twists and turns that help at starting an essay

Writing an essay is hard enough. Writing a paper people will actually be reading from cover to cover is nearly impossible, unless you know how to start. “Well, my professor will be reading all of it and that’s as much as I care”, one might say. But, truth be told, too many students are...

Warning sign

Little details: Things even a student business can’t afford to ignore

There are a plenty of ways in which a small startup is completely different from a larger, more established business. After all, the bigger a business becomes, the more it has to worry about regarding legality, staffing, and market shares. One of the nice things about being a startup is that your...


Why security and HTTPS are the future for all sites, not just banks

As the web has developed and we all perform more and more of our daily tasks online, online security has become increasingly important - but 2017 will be the year that security becomes important to even the simplest of websites as Google will start to highlight websites that are...


How can students afford tickets to the rugby?

Life as a student is tough. You have bills to pay, minds to feed and no one at school taught you a thing about finances. Considering the rugby Six Nations is just around the corner, you’re probably feeling more hopeless than ever. You need money and you need it fast. There’s no way you could...

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