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Quick cash: Banks offer incentives to switch

If you’ve got the current account ‘switch itch’, now’s the time to scratch it. Since the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) was introduced in 2013, banks are battling it out fiercely to lure new clients with lucrative incentives including cash, discounts on household bills and rewards...


How to save money on your next phone contract

Britain's mobile phone networks have been widely criticised for over-charging customers who reach the end of their contracts, not offering loyal customers a discount despite the fact they have paid off the expensive phone part of their contract. People generally spread the cost of a new phone...

Money: Pound coins

How to earn some extra cash to pay for university

A university education is more expensive than ever, with many institutions now charging students over £9,000 per year for tuition alone, with books, rent, and living expenses all on top. A student loan may cover you for much of that fee, but for those that want to leave university without debts of...

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