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Happy business

Why your first business should focus on customer satisfaction

Businesses are only as strong as their relationships with their customers, and so when you are building a company for the first time it is critical to focus on customer satisfaction. Here we run through a few ways to make sure you are always putting your customers first. Listen to feedback Don't...


Theresa May urged to cut interest rate for student loans

MPs from across the political spectrum have urged the prime minister to reduce the interest rate charged on student loans and bring back grants for the most disadvantaged students. A report by the Commons Treasury Select Committee published last week called on May to change the formula for...

Beatles sculpture in Liverpool

Three festivities for Liverpool students in 2018

Liverpool remains one of the most culturally exciting and dynamic cities in the UK, with a host of sights to see and events to attend around the year for students and locals alike. Here we run through five of the top options for those in the "Centre of the Creative Universe" in 2018. China’s...

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