Best Student Accounts

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Common new-era social media scams to watch out for  

As a student, you know how precious money is and how important it is to look after it. While there are many practical ways to go about it, including opening the best student bank account, you also need to know about scams to take your money. But what exactly are scams? In simple terms, they are...

Online banking

Top reasons why online banking is great for students

For plenty of people across the country, being a student comes with many financial obstacles and constraints, which is why it’s very important to be able to keep track of your bank account at all times. This is why a bank with strong online banking services is essential for students who want to...

Piggy banks

How to start saving cash when you feel like you have none

We all know that we should be spending less money and saving more - but that can be easier said than done when you feel like you're always too broke to make ends meet. If no matter what you do, you seem to struggle to find room in your budget for a savings account, then you're not alone. A lot of...


How students can boost their disposable income

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is more important than ever if you are a student. As living costs and other expenses are on the rise, being able to manage the income you have and maintaining a healthy cash flow become important goals to achieve. There are basically two ways to improve your...

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