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Different types of loans explained

Any person who borrows money is considered to have taken a loan. This transaction is usually of a pre decided amount and in majority of cases attracts interest. In other words, loan dealings come in various forms, with variable conditions, which may range from simple monetary contracts between...


Tips for students interested in investing

Making something of yourself financially isn’t easy when you’re a student. You’re likely to be on a very limited income with substantial costs to meet. If you’ve just graduated, you’ll almost certainly have debts to pay off, and may hesitate to take on postgraduate study as a result....


Remember to look for scholarships

Money is always at the forefront of students' minds, and whilst taking a part-time job is a must for many to make ends meet, another option all students should investigate before they start university is scholarships. Higher education in countries like the UK and US is more expensive than ever,...


Ways for students to make some extra money

If you're still studying at the University, there's a chance that your parents are still supporting you as much as they can, but whether they are, or they aren't, isn't even important - at least based on my own experience. Independent of how much money I had in hand, a few days before the end of...

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