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Lawyer vows to take tax fight to Amazon after Uber campaign

Amazon's tax bills will be the next target for the legal campaign group currently chasing Uber for its alleged sales tax liabilities in the UK. The independent Good Law Project says the ecommerce and web services giant should be responsible for passing VAT to HMRC, rather than leaving this to...


How to launch a business while still a student

With the current state of employment in the UK, many new graduates in the last few years have found that they struggled to find a decent job. The days of arriving fresh into the business world and landing a job the next day are positively over. And students are paying attention to this...


3 reasons to college students should explore becoming and IFA

It takes a lot to be qualified as an IFA, Independent Financial Adviser, and now that you’ve been certified, it’s time to consider where best to use your financial prowess. One way to grow a business that will last a literal lifetime is to catch investors early on when they are seeking to grow...

Football match

Sports betting continues to grow in Africa’s largest nation

As the most populous country in the African continent, it is little surprise that investors are looking at the gaming sector in Nigeria as a significant source of growth in the coming years. A member of the Commonwealth, Nigeria has a long association with British-born sports such as football....

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