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5 places to study now the schools and universities are closed

News comes at you fast these days, and with schools and universities closing across the UK for the next few months many young people will are asking where they can continue their studies online. Many university courses have parts or all of their materials online for those already matriculated...

Video game

Should Fifa Ultimate Team be classed as gambling?

Fifa Ultimate Team lets players put together a squad using virtual packs of footballers that can be bought with virtual or real money, but the mystery nature of what players you might get in each pack has caused some to complain that the packs are gambling and should be regulated as such. For...


Coronavirus fears push gamblers online

The spread of the coronavirus around the world has increased calls for countries to move ahead with the legalisation of online gambling. The virus, known as COVID-19, emerged from Wuhan in China and fears about a pandemic have hit Macau hard during the peak holiday season of the Lunar new year....

Football fan

US college students increasingly embrace sports betting

Sports betting has long been legal across the UK, but in the US the practice was strictly prohibited and only in the last couple years have some states started to open up the market and students are embracing the new world. According to Victor Matheson, an economics professor at Holy Cross with...

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