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How to save money on your university education

University is expensive, with UK institutions now charging students over £9,000 per year and those in the US costing up to $45,000 per year. A degree can result in higher earnings down the line, but that doesn't necessarily help with paying those fees right now - so here are a few tips on reducing...


How digital technology is changing education

Technology and the internet have begun to transform education - here's three ways students can benefit: Individualised learning For many children, high school education still looks much the same today as it did 50 years ago, with 20+ children all sat at their desks in front of a chalkboard or...

Horse racing

Bookies’ woes spark debate on future of matched betting

More than a few students have turned to something called "matched betting" to exploit the generous welcome offers to varying betting sites to supplement their student loans, and bookies have started to complain about some of those taking advantage. To put it simply, matched betting involves...

Football match

How your emotions can affect how you bet

The profitability of sports bookies are proof that the house always wins, and they utilise clever tricks to appeal to our emotions to make sure that is always the case. In an investigation into advertising during the 2014 World Cup, published in the journal Judgment and Decision Making, academic...

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