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Scotch whisky

Whisky: Why some booze is just too good to drink

Most young people are introduced to whisky via the student favourite "whisky and coke" drink at a party or in a club, but as the drink has found popularity around the world, some whiskys should be seen as more of an investment than a party drink. Once you upgrade from a "whisky and coke" to...

Football fan

Who is sponsoring sports teams today?

There are a variety of rules and standards that surrounding what sort of company can sponsor a sports player or team, as they will sell merchandise to young people and so the branding may have an impact. Some, like Andy Murray go for drinks sponsors likes Robinsons cordial, whilst others may go for...

Football match

Nasdaq to provide tech for Football Index virtual stock market

Nasdaq will be supplying the technology and lending its brand to the UK-based footballer stock market and sports betting platform Football Index. The New York-based stock exchange, best known as the market of choice for leading tech stocks, announced a deal on 23 July to provide Football Index...

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