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Piggy banks

Journeying through the world of student finances

As every student stands on the precipice of higher education, there's a world waiting to be explored – not of exotic landscapes or thrilling escapades, but a world of numbers, decisions, and opportunities. It's the world of student finances, as riveting and mysterious as any adventure novel, and...


Affordable studio apartments: A guide for students and graduates

Embarking on the journey of higher education or transitioning into the professional world is an exciting chapter in life. However, along with new horizons come important decisions, especially when finding the ideal place to call home. Studio apartments, with their compact yet functional spaces,...


What role can data analytics have for startups in 2023?

There is a tremendous rush to start new firms in today's society. Every new company endeavour starts with the idea that the vision of its founders has the power to change the world. Nevertheless, when an effective data strategy is in place, gathering the data and information required to convince...


A reverse mortgage could ease the burden of paying for college

The cost of tuition is out of hand. Most students who don’t qualify for extensive and lucrative scholarships are stuck with student loans that can take not years, but decades to pay off. One creative way to pay for tuition these days is to use a reverse mortgage. If you’re 62 or older, you...

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