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3 reasons business cards still matter for startup founders

Almost everything we do today in business is digital from sending messages, to banking, to signing contracts, but that does not mean business cards have gone out of fashion. If anything, we now give more value to physical objects, and so sharing a business card remains one of the best ways to make sure people remember who you are after a networking event or meetup.

Here’s three reasons why business cards are still relevant to young people launching their first business in 2018:

Digital information is forgettable

It is easier than ever to share your contact details with someone, whether that is via email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, or any other communications platform, but the problem with that is virtual connections are forgettable. Yes, your details may have made their way onto someone’s phone, but your details will get lost amongst the hundreds of other contacts on there.

If you have instead swapped business cards, there is a genuine physical connection there, and the site of your card will bring back memories of your meeting the way a virtual contact never could.

Business cards let you make an impression

Most business cards follow a similar template, but they are really a small canvas that help you make an impression. Tools at places like HelloPrint will guide your through the process of creating a striking card that will help you stand out from the crowd.

How your card looks will define you in the mind of the person holding it, so take some time to work out what you want it to say about you. And unless you are pretty confident you have built a billion dollar company, you probably don’t want to follow in the footsteps of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and have your position as “I’m CEO, B*tch“.

Cards show you are prepared and ready for business

You never know when you might bump into a possible co-founder or investor – at a party, at the pub, at dinner, or at a networking meetup, so you should always carry some business cards with you. To build a business, you want to give off the impression that you are always ready, always hustling and looking for opportunities – and so you don’t want to be left trying to explain to someone why you don’t have a card to exchange and will follow up on their card by email tomorrow – they will already have forgotten your business by then.

Photograph by Aleksander Cocek

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