5 cheap phones for a cash strapped uni student

Before textbooks, clothes and food, the number one essential for a student has got to be a mobile phone! Whether it’s for sorting out an impromptu ‘revision’ session with your mates, or finding out where your lecture has been moved to, your phone is essential to virtually every part of student life. But obviously students are on a tight budget, so if you’d rather be saving your valuable pennies for your next night out rather than splashing them on a phone, what do you do?

Well, now you can find an affordable phone that still has all the features you’re looking for, from a place you might not have thought about. Supermarkets aren’t just for cheap noodles, midnight munchie raids and milk. You can now find cheap phones from a supermarket at really competitive prices. And here are five great value phones that are ideal for a student budget.

Samsung Galaxy Y

Want a smartphone without the hefty price tag? This fantastically affordable phone has all of the slick features you’d expect from a Samsung, at a price that’ll match your not-so-generous student budget. With a compact 3 inch screen, it’s perfect for fitting in your pockets – there’s no risk of losing a giant ‘phablet’ in the pub – and you can also customise your apps.

Blackberry Curve 9320

If you’re addicted to BBM, then this affordable Blackberry gives you all the great features, at a low cost price. It has a dedicated BBM shortcut button and a great battery length – so it won’t fall flat on you just when you need it most. Plus it looks fantastic too!

Samsung E1190

Practical and stylish, this low priced flip phone is perfect for your communication essentials, fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand, for fast, fuss-free calls and texts. It might be pretty basic when it comes to features, but at a rock bottom price, it’s tough to beat. Useful as an emergency back up phone, or for everyday use.

Nokia 100

Super simple, the bright screen and comfy buttons make this phone a breeze to use. All its basic functions are quick and easy to find, and it even has a FM radio if you want to catch the news or music when you’re on the go. With its slimmed down body, it’s a perfect little phone to keep in your pocket for emergencies. It also has a calendar feature – so there’s no excuse for missing that crucial assignment deadline!

Doro Phone Easy 6111

If all you want is a straightforward, no nonsense phone for calling and texting, then it doesn’t get sweeter than the Doro. Big buttons means there’s no chance of misdialling when you’ve got your beer goggles on, and it’s even got a camera so you can capture your escapades.

So there you have it. 5 great phones for a student budget. Check out your local supermarket for a great mobile phone deal today.

Photograph by Vernon Chan

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