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5 places to study now the schools and universities are closed

News comes at you fast these days, and with schools and universities closing across the UK for the next few months many young people will are asking where they can continue their studies online.

Many university courses have parts or all of their materials online for those already matriculated and the Open University offers a huge selection of courses for those that want to learn remotely from an accredited institution. Beyond these established universities, however, there are thousands of courses you could be taking to continue your learning path without the need for a scholarship to help pay your tuition fees. No, these courses are not thousands of pounds per term, but hundreds of pounds or often free or very close to it. Here are some of the best options:


EdX offers everyone the chance to take a variety of university-level courses and get certified without the need to leave you living room (or bedroom or wherever you study best). They have courses form many independent providers, but importantly they also offer courses from major educational institutions including the likes of Harvard, Berkeley, Dartmouth, Georgetown, and the University of Chicago.


If you want university-level courses but without the eye-watering costs that come with matriculation then Coursera is a great option. They offer professor and professional-led courses on any subject you can imagine from psychology to literature and everything in between. And critically, many of the courses are even led by those very same professors as teach in renowned instituions like Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and many more.


Whilst Coursera and Edx offer great value for money on their courses, it is really hard to argue with free and that is exactly what you get with many of the courses from Alison. They too offer a varied selection of classes from financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and even a course about the current coronoavirus epidemic – making it a great place to start your search when you’re on a very tight budget.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy was perhaps the website and video series that launched online education into the mainstream back in 2008. The non-profit organisation produces short-form video lessons on a wealth of subjects that are all available for free through its website and mobile/tablet apps from Android and iOS. They even go beyond the lessons to provide supplementary practice exercises and materials to help educators teach the subject. If you want a free introduction to any subject, then Khan Academy is the place to begin your search.


Udemy was one of the first places to offer a huge range of online courses and remains one of the best websites to find fascinating courses for those on a tight budget. Those leading the courses range from established experts, professors, entrepreneurs, and professionals to enthusiastic amateurs and they offer classes on everything from tech to business to lifestyle and hobbies.

No matter what subject you want to learn and no matter how niche the topic may be, there will be a class available online for just that. Now is the time to expand your world with further online education.

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