What are the best smartphones for students?

If you were to select the ideal smartphone for the so-called typical student, you may be inclined to simply choose the cheapest one on the market.

Not all students are created equal, however, with each individual likely to have variable smartphone needs along with different budgets and a variety of unique preferences.

With these points in mind, identifying the best smartphones for students may be easier said than done. We have listed our top three below, however, just in case you are looking to obtain a new handset before starting university later this summer:

The iPhone 5: For the High-end User

Clearly, the most proficient and stylish smartphones on the market belong to Apple. These handsets are also relatively expensive, however, but there are ways in which you can reduce these costs to secure a high-end device.

You could look to purchase an older model, for example, with the iPhone 5 providing the ideal balance between cost and quality. You could even aim for the 5s if you are happy to settle for a refurbished handset, although this will ultimately come down to your monthly budget.

Similarly, students with an existing handset can reduce the cost of an iPhone 5 further by trading in their existing device. Trade-in tools like this one at Mobile Phones Direct allow you to trade your handset against the cost of a new deal, creating a more cost-effective package that offers access to advanced smartphones.

The EE Kestrel: For Those Who Like to Study on the Move

Internet connectivity is a big deal for students, as it enables them to study and access learning materials while on the move. This is why low-cost feature phones may not be ideal, despite the financial benefits that they offer to users.

In this case, EE’s Kestrel handset may be the ideal choice. You can buy this smartphone for as little as £99, for example, while accessing 4G connectivity across the board. You can then secure a SIM-only rolling deal to reduce costs further, so long as you are happy with being tied into an EE deal (this may depend on the affiliations of your friends and family members).

Securing this phone also depends on you being able to afford the up-front fee, but this is relatively inexpensive for a handset with 4G capabilities.

The Firefox Phone: The Best Budget Option Out There

In truth, buying a smartphone (as opposed to a basic feature phone) is probably the best course of action for any student. This will deliver viable features relating to battery life, Internet usage and Bluetooth connectivity, while it is possible to secure unlocked handsets at competitive prices.

Take the flexible Firefox phone, which despite reports of its demise can still be secured in the form of either new or refurbished models. In fact, refurbished handsets can be sourced for as little as £60, while these smartphones also include a hefty, 5.5-inch display that allows for superior usage.

Many of these handsets also come with a free SIM, so this represents the ultimate, cost-effective deal for students who are looking to save money without compromising on their lifestyle.

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