Betting on your degree?

One of the UK’s oldest bookmakers has recently introduced a new betting service for first year students where they can make a wager on their final degree classification.

Working hard and getting good grades is its own reward, but putting down £20 in fresher’s week at 9/1 that you will end up with 1st Class Honours may just may make you put in a few more hours in the library when it comes to crunch time.

Ladbrokes measures the odds by taking into account the student’s A-level results, degree subject, and the University they are attending – but unlike most bets you may put on, whether you win on this would be entirely down to your own work ethic.

You could bet on the horses today and chance your luck there, or you can take this bet and just make a deal with yourself that if you knuckle down and just work that little bit harder you can celebrate the end of your course in just a little more style.

Photograph by connorwithonen

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