Cost efficient nights out for students

There is no doubt that while life as a student can be a fun and exciting one, it can also be extremely difficult when it comes to finances. For many students simply coping with essential costs is hard enough, never mind trying to find money to pay for fun and entertainment. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which students can relieve the stress with a good night out, without having to spend a fortune.

Fun nights out at cost-efficient prices

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy a fun night out with a partner or friends as a student, there are a number of options you can choose from. Some of the ways in which you can enjoy a cost efficient night out include:

  • Head to the cinema: A night out at the cinema can be great fun whether you go with a boyfriend, girlfriend or a group of student friends. You can take a look at trailers for movies online, such as the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie trailer, and then decide which movie you all want to see. You can then even share popcorn and drinks while you watch the movie to save a little more cash. Look out for special deals from cinemas for students, as these will net you a generous discount compared to standard prices.
  • Go out for pizza: If you want to go out for something to eat, consider going for a pizza, as this is something that you can all share rather than having to order individual meals. It can work out far cheaper to order several pizzas for a group of you to share, and is a great way to enjoy great food, good conversation and a fun atmosphere.
  • Find a cost effective watering hole: If you all enjoy going out for a drink now and again, find a cost effective place to drink. Some pubs charge far lower prices than others and this can save you a small fortune on a night out. Also, opt for long drinks that will last longer, as this means you’ll spend less at the bar.
  • See emerging bands: Many students love going to gigs, but seeing established bands can be costly. If you want a night of good music, keep your eyes peeled for emerging bands playing at student bars or local pubs. This makes for a much cheaper night out but enables you to enjoy good music as well as supporting up and coming talent.
  • Go out on special student nights: When it comes to bars and clubs, you will often find that many host special student nights where both entrance and drinks are cheaper than normal. Try to arrange your nights out accordingly so that you can take advantage of these lower prices.

With these tips you can ensure that you can still enjoy yourself and get some entertainment as a student without breaking the bank. Hopefully this will get you out and about even when your wallet is feeling light.

Photograph by William Warby

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