Data organisation is key your college work just like starting your own business

Whether you are studying at school or starting your first business, organisation is central to your success. You need time management skills to make sure you are working efficiently, but you also need good data management skills and processes to make sure you have the right information at your fingertips when you need it.

As anyone that has struggled with finalising their dissertation will tell you, there is little more frustrating that finding out that you did not properly record one of your sources for a quote or a figure, and then having to re-find that same information when you are under time pressure to hand it in. Modern software like OneNote and Evernote make managing your notes much easier (and with cloud storage much safer), while specialised bibliography and citation tools like EasyBib, CiteFast, and BibMe will help you properly mark up your references as you go.

Businesses face the exact same issues with data organisation and management. While students will only have a few types of information they need to keep records of for their work, business need to track everything from their basic accounts, to how they are serving their customers, to their customer data, and much, much more. Back when everything was done on paper, this was an unbelievable headache, and the reason that few large companies could offer “personalised” services to all their customers – they just could record and organise the huge volumes of data required.

However, times have changed and now there are various types of software tools to help businesses master data management, to better keep track of all their data so that they can better serve their clients and customers. Nonetheless, even with the right tools the volume of data large enterprises hold on their customers and about their own business can still become unwieldy, and the data held by each department, even within the same firm, can quickly diverge. And this is where master data management software comes in to save the day – it lets companies create a single unified and authoritative source of their company data, which can then regularly sync with the data held by each of their teams. Thanks to this single source where all the data is pulled data from, everyone in the company is singing from the same hymn sheet, no matter which department of the business they are in, or which country they are working from.

Photograph by TeroVesalainen

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