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E-commerce platforms for students: Starting off in the right direction

Many students are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Although government loans and similar types of financial aid can come in handy, a handful of innovative thinkers are venturing into the world of e-commerce in order to earn an additional form of liquid income. If you have always thought somewhat outside of the proverbial box, establishing an online store could be an excellent choice. There is still no doubt that you will have a fair number of questions. Perhaps the most important involves knowing what defines a worthwhile e-commerce platform as well as some of the main features that it should contain. Let us therefore closely examine each of these variables.

The Hallmarks of a worthwhile and potentially profitable e-commerce platform

Unless you are majoring in CSS and HTML5 programming, the chances are high that you have little to no coding experience. This should never hold you back. All of the major providers now offer highly intuitive and user-friendly templates which can be implemented in a matter of minutes once you find the appropriate version. This is very important, for an online shopper will never find what it is that they are looking for if the website is not set up in the correct manner. Some other attributes which separate cutting-edge providers from run-of-the-mill options include:

  • The ability to track your inventory across multiple channels.
  • An SEO-friendly architecture.
  • Top-down sales tracking and management.
  • Bespoke mobile-friendly applications.
  • The inclusion of your bespoke branding.

The best ecommerce platform should always accurately represent your products as well as your mission statement. Those which are able to be fully customized will offer you the flexibility to make things happen when the time is right.

The e-commerce side

We have mentioned the term e-commerce several times throughout the article. How can this form of online shopping make or break your future business? E-commerce solutions need to work smart as opposed to hard. Not only must you be able to proactively monitor your cash flow to determine how a campaign is performing, but you should be able to make on-the-fly changes as may be necessary. This is still only the beginning. Proprietary e-commerce solutions such as those offered by Shopify offer additional amenities such as:

  • Balance and account tracking.
  • Automatic email alerts.
  • The acceptance of multiple credit cards as well a the most popular e-wallet payment methods.
  • Immediate responses to chargebacks.
  • A scalable design.

The pricing options available should be just as flexible and transparent. As your sales increase, so will your need to adopt a more comprehensive package.

Establishing an online presence is much easier than you might think. Much like your studies at university, you still require a basic game plan as well as a clear vehicle to use. The world of modern e-commerce will provide you with a nearly limitless number of options and as a result, you could very well enjoy a bit of extra much-needed cash.

Advantages of ecommerce

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