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Edinburgh students launch Scotland’s first “sustainable” club night

Students in Edinburgh have launched a new club night focused around sustainability, where students can party hard without green guilt.

‘Zero Chill’, which opened its doors for the first time on 17th January at La Belle Angele, featured locally-sourced booze, compostable veg-ware cups, and eco-friendly loo paper. Even the venue was chosen due to its adoption of greener of LED lighting technology and its location walking distance from the city’s students districts – so no need for cars or other forms of petrol-powered transport.

The event was coordinated by Conscious Change, which called the night a celebration of “global music diversity” with a focus on getting people to “think local and act global” – making small changes to reduce our impact on the world.

All proceeds from the event will be re-invested into Conscious Change, a progressive organisation that aims to educate students on how they can reduce their environmental impact throughout their university career and beyond.

Zero Chill will take place at La Belle Angele, a location specifically chosen for its predominant use of LED lighting and location within walking distance of Edinburgh’s most popular student residential areas.

Organiser Imogen McAndrew told The Tab: “Zero Chill is a club night that invites party goers to party local but think global. We have local alcohol suppliers, local DJs and local promotion with the intention of celebrating global music diversity and global conscious change.”

Zero Chill is one of a number of student-focused green campaigns that have launched this year. Universities across the country have launched their own ‘environmental sustainability teams’ that are tasked with creating plans for everything from carbon management and and sustainable transport to biodiversity and water efficiency.

Meanwhile, those looking to study abroad have options to keep their environmental impact in check, with firms like Studee partnering with Plant-for-the-Planet to plant trees to try and offset the CO2 impact of each flight the students take to and from their university each term.

Studee co-founder and CEO Mr Morling explained to Relocate Magazine: “Studee is reinventing the way international students find a university by making it simple and deeply personalised, while adding transparency in an industry which, in recent years, has sadly suffered some corruption and has largely ignored the climate crisis…Our goal is to plant one million trees over the coming years and transform the way international students find their dream university abroad. Studee will grow up rapidly over the coming months, we’re overflowing with ideas”

Students have long been the vanguard of the climate change movement, but the reality of student living of parties, short-term accommodation, and a lot of travel have been at odds with sustainable ideals. Now, student groups and student-focused businesses are starting to find new ways to embrace sustainability and pave the way for young people to reduce their impact on the environment – from electric cars to switching to a green energy supplier.

Green energy production is expanding faster than ever, and whilst the shift from coal and gas to wind, solar, waves and others does need to be careful. Green is the future and students can and should choose a green energy supplier as soon as they move into new accommodation.

Photograph by Goumbik

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