How to find affordable accommodation without sacrificing quality

As a student, it is important that you do everything you can to save the pennies. All students know what it is like to reach the end of the month and find that they have insufficient funds. Of course, part of the process of living life as a student is to try to make ends meet. Ideally, you should be doing everything you can to ensure that you always have a little something in the bank. This means doing everything possible to avoid overpaying for any of the essentials. One essential which you can’t get around paying for is accommodation. However, there are ways to ensure that you don’t pay as much for your living arrangements. The difficulty often arises when you have to try and negotiate between price and quality. Often, students end up with shoddy living arrangements. But there is no reason that anybody should make a sacrifice just to save some money. If you are keen to discover how you can source cheap accommodation without sacrificing quality of living, then read on.

When you are in the process of viewing student accommodation, there are some basic rules which you should try to remember. Viewing properties can be a little daunting, particularly if you have never done it before. It can be difficult to know what to look for, what to ask, or what is reasonable. That’s why it is important that you know what you are getting into. Knowing what is fair and what isn’t is a useful tool to have on your side. The main thing to bear in mind at this stage is that there is nothing wrong with asking questions. In fact, the more you ask, you less likely you are to be taken for a ride. Remember: it is your money, so you should ensure that you are getting the best possible deal for it. Check every detail of the property before you make any decisions. Show that you are vigilant.


Shopping Around

It is important not just to settle on the first property you see. It might well be that you end up going for that one. However, it is unwise to only view one. This is particularly true if you are in an area which you do not know very well. You have no idea of what you can get for your money in that area, so you should shop around as much as you can. Of course, time might be tight, but you should look around as much as possible. It is equally as important to check the properties of several different agents. Different agents have different fees and so on, so one might be a better deal than another.

Other Costs

Do your best to remember all the little hidden costs which you might not have considered. You might have found a property which seems to be perfect and not cost much. However, have you checked the prices you are likely to pay for utilities in that area? What about line rental and Internet costs? You need to arrange all these things at some point, so it is worth having a look as early as possible. With a little forward-thinking, you can end up saving a great deal – and still have a nice place to live in.

Photographs by Unsplash / Vladimir Kudinov

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