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Why your first business should focus on customer satisfaction

Businesses are only as strong as their relationships with their customers, and so when you are building a company for the first time it is critical to focus on customer satisfaction. Here we run through a few ways to make sure you are always putting your customers first.

Listen to feedback

Don’t just “hear” the feedback from your customers, really listen and try to work out ways to address every problem your customers raise. There are some problems that may be out of your control, but make sure you have done everything you can to prevent these issues happening again in the future.

Keep surveys short

Feedback from your customers is vital to determining how well you are serving them in your business, but make sure any survey or feedback form is simple in structure and most importantly keep it short! A handful of questions should be enough for you to work out how smoothly things are working and will provide ample space for an unhappy customer to make their point. Remember – people filling out these surveys are doing you a favour – don’t make it difficult.

Follow up

You can’t run a business without following up on new leads, but also do not forget to follow up with each negative piece of feedback you receive. It may feel a bit awkward at first, but you will find that people love to find out that they have been listened to and a businesses has worked hard to fix their issue – you may just find that the customers you connect with this way become some of your most reliable useful ambassadors for your company.

Explain everything clearly

Even the supposedly most simple tools can be complicated if you are looking at them for the first time, so clear documentation is key to keeping everyone happy. The better you explain your product or service at the start, the less time the customer will waste on support and the less money you will have to pay for the extra support staff. For basic products, this may be just a few numbered steps in a printed guide, but for more complex tools or advanced digital services, it may be worth creating a detailed guided tour that walks the customer through everything they might need to know.

Happy employees make happy customers

When you are eating out and the staff are miserable it puts a real downer on the whole evening – and it is exactly the same for every business! Give you employees responsibilities, show you trust them, treat them well and pay them fairly – if they are happy, they will be far better at serving your customers and helping you build your business.

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