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Five hobbies that can turn a profit

A little extra pocket money can go a long way while you’re at university and while taking shifts at a pub or coffee shop will likely bring in more regular money, you can also earn a bit of profit from your hobbies.


You may not be a professional journalist, but many university degrees teach you a lot about how to structure essays and you can put this knowledge into action by writing articles. If you have a great original idea for a piece then you may be able to pitch it to a newspaper or website in return for a freelancer fee.

Alternatively, you could start your own blog or website about a topic for which you have a passion and find relevant sponsors for your content


Despite our childhood dreams, most of us will never be good enough to play professional sport, but that does not mean that you can’t earn a little pocket money from enjoying the game. Becoming a referee is one way to earn a little money from sport, with many leagues all the way across the spectrum offering some form of remuneration for those willing to get up on a Saturday morning and keep people on the right-side of the rules.


Becoming a professional photographer takes a lot of time and effort, but thanks to the internet and sites like Shutterstock, it is now possible to sell copies of your images to everyone from website designers to newspaper editors – all of whom take a long time to find and pay for the perfect photo for their project, and yours might be it!


If you enjoy running or working out, then you can earn quite a bit of money by helping others get fit as well. You could organise group runs, offer personal training tips, or even just write about your fitness techniques – all of which can be quite lucrative when done well.


You should never gamble with more money than you are prepared to lose, but if you have an appreciation of probabilities and enjoy some risk taking then you may find some luck and turn a profit by playing the odds with online bookies or Online casinos.

Photograph by Low Jianwei

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