Five unexpected twists and turns that help at starting an essay

Writing an essay is hard enough. Writing a paper people will actually be reading from cover to cover is nearly impossible, unless you know how to start.

Well, my professor will be reading all of it and that’s as much as I care”, one might say. But, truth be told, too many students are following this belief into the pits of F minuses. If you don’t care about what you are writing – why should the reader bother to? It’s not his job as your professor is not paid to read through thousands of papers without a reason. His task is to educate you. He needs some talent to grab onto.

A secret

As a professional writer for, I know all about what your teacher is going through. I also know about the fastest way of getting under his skin. Write a proper introduction and you’ll hook the attention thus standing out from the overall crowd of students.

How can you do that? Here are some tips.

5 ways of starting an essay right

Kicking your essay with a spark in not that hard of a chore once you know where to, well, begin. Allow for the following six tips to guide your path towards an A+

  • Describe the thoughts or processes that led you to conclude your thesis. Personal experiences are an exciting emotional trigger destined to hook the attention of your reader. Here is an example form an essay about cheating couples: “Call me Goodie Two Shoes but I don’t like to play dirty. I cheated once on a math exam back in high school and I got an A+. That was the worst grade of my life. It just felt wrong to the core. I felt dirty for having it and I knew I did wrong. Now imagine what I felt when I found out Sally, the girl I’ve dated for two years is cheating on me.”
  • If you want to make the essay even more personal – try revealing a secret to the reader. A secret about yourself that was tuck neatly into the closet of your thoughts never to see daylight again. This kind of honesty triggers much more than curiosity. It’s the standing ground for respect from your reader. Don’t go too crazy though, as you don’t want to reveal too much about yourself to someone as distant as your reader.
  • Riddles, puzzles and jokes work well as openings as well. A clever anecdote is capable of melting the ice from the Poles, not to mention your professor.
  • Give away a bit of contrast. Compare the past and the future. It’s hard not to stress enough how the grass was greener back in the day and this idea resonates with people perfectly.
  • The contrast thing works well if you compare fiction to reality. There’s a plethora of commonly known beliefs that have little to no credibility when looked at from the scientific perspective. Use them to your advantage.

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