Five ways students can make money online

Students are under a lot of pressure these days. As well as having to maintain good grades, attend lectures, complete internships, attend other voluntary placements and keep up with social circles, they are also expected to supplement their incomes with paid work.

Plus, even with that sought-after part-time paid position, many students quickly see the money leave as soon as it comes in. From high tuition costs to making rent and paying bills, there are plenty of lessons young people must learn quickly when they first fly the nest.

Many are now turning to the internet to help supplement their income. With plenty of ways to make money online, as well as the flexibility this affords, the attraction is undeniable. However, this also means the market is saturated. It is important to always calculate whether the time is really worth the money, and certainly not to rely on it to make rent each month. For a little spare cash, however, the internet can be a useful tool.

Writing and marketing for brands

Many students, particularly those studying for a degree in journalism or writing, will no doubt own a blog. Plenty more will regularly update to social media such as Twitter with photos and videos.

There are actually sites out there, such as IZEA, that will pay you to blog, tweet and post other rich media. Naturally, pay is based on your following, so if you wish to make money this way, you’ll certainly need to cultivate that fan-base. Still, for the right person, this can be a great opportunity to earn top dollar.

Sell your old stuff

Thanks to the addition of Marketplace, you can make money by selling your old things on Facebook. All you need to do is take a picture of the item, write a mini description, add a price and your general location and then upload it.

You’re sure to have a host of junk lying around that is more than likely someone else’s treasure. Whether it’s that iPod you don’t use anymore, that dress you’ve only worn once, someone will take it off your hands and pay you for the privilege. It’s like an online car boot sale and if you’re comfortable with using Facebook for this, there’s also eBay.

Taking a gamble

Making money from home doesn’t necessarily mean working from home – but it might mean you have to be willing to take a gamble. A range of online gambling sites offer sign-up bonuses and first-time offers to players, and it’s good to shop around and take advantage of the free offers available. Plus, certain sites even offer demo versions of classic roulette games, so you can get a feel for the wheel beforehand. While some people do manage to make a career from these games, it is just as easy to lose money – so once you have spent the free sign up bonus – be careful not to gamble more than you are prepared to lose.

Transcribe interviews

If you’ve had the dreaded task of starting or planning your dissertation yet, the likelihood is that it involves interviewing people. And of course, interviewing people means transcribing. Whilst you always dread transcribing, once you get your head down and actually start, the time flies by and before you know it, you’ve finished.

Sites such as SpeakWrite will pay generously for transcribing information. As this is classed as working from home, you can choose your own workload and create your own schedule so you aren’t inundated and don’t neglect your own work. For a few hours a week, you can earn a sum that should go some way to easing those financial worries.

Filling our surveys

Filling out surveys is now an increasingly popular way for people to make money online and it also passes the spare time. Companies are forever looking for people to answer questions and test their new products. Spend an hour-or-so doing this that you would have spent otherwise watching TV and it could even cover your morning coffee.

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