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Four low cost start-up ideas for students

Student life is renowned for its low budget life-hacks as those in college and university tend to have little or no income during their studying days. Thankfully, there are a many ways students can supplement their income and in some cases even gain financial freedom depending on your success. If you’re tired of scraping and scrounging and are looking for ways to give your cash flow a boost, check out our list of four low cost start-up ideas for students below:

House Cleaning Services

A good way to get started with your own business with minimum investment is by offering your services as a house cleaner. In fact your potential pool of customers is not only limited to the residential areas around your university or college but the businesses as well. From private homes to local coffee shops and offices, you can advertise your house cleaning business in print, online and in local shops then gradually build your client base. Cleaning other people’s property is based on trust and you’ll need to provide a great service to earn referrals and more business

Online Affiliate Site

The digital revolution has levelled the playing field somewhat in that entrepreneurs can start their own businesses more easily. One example of this is online affiliate sites: most of the revenue generated online is through advertising and a big part of that is being able to attract large numbers of visitors in a particular niche and forwarding them to the services they are looking for. For example, many top bingo sites rely on bingo affiliate sites for traffic due to stricter advertising laws on gambling. From travel to bingo sites and shopping, online affiliate sites are an easy and low cost way to earn some extra revenue.

Start a Monetised Blog

There are now millions of blogs available online covering every subject imaginable, but there are always opportunities for authentic, authoritative voices offering a fresh perspective on things. A good idea is to focus the content of your blog on the subjects you’re studying or a particular passion you feel is under-represented. You will then need to build an audience, -social media, email lists, and guest posting are good methods, and earn money through advertising, paid guest posts and affiliate programmes.

Become a Freelancer

Another advantage brought about by the internet is the fact that you can sell your skills online to those who need them in what is called the gig economy. Whether it’s helping someone understand a subject you’re good at, online writing, website building and design, coding, illustrations or virtual admin, any skill or talent that you have can become a source of new income.


Not only are  the start-up ideas above low cost methods of getting your own business off the ground to earn some extra cash, they can also give you better flexibility to plan your time as you see fit. With the possibility of financial freedom and more control over your own schedule, isn’t it time to begin your own start up business?

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