Four ways to boost your income

Most of us are looking for ways to boost our income and enjoy a little more spending power. Happily, there are a number of ways in which you can earn some extra cash, whether you are looking for a little extra spending money on the side or seeking to build up a significant sum for a nest egg or investment. Here are some of our top ideas to get you started.

Sell Your Junk

Most of us have significant amounts of clutter in our home, such as items of clothing that we don’t wear, media that we’ve consumed, household appliances that don’t get used or even more valuable items such as jewellery which are otherwise sitting unused. You can sell these on an auction site such as eBay, directly via private listings or even at a car boot sale. Remember that websites such as eBay will grant you access to a broad audience, but take a fee.

A Second Job

This is an increasingly popular option among people really keen to earn some extra cash — often to save up for a big event such as a wedding or to pay off a debt. If you have marketable skills, why not advertise your services on a freelance or contract basis? Tutoring, freelance writing, marketing consultancy, fitness training, sports coaching, exercise classes and driving instruction — all are examples of ways in which you can earn money on an additional self-employed basis. Just remember to register your additional earnings with HMRC as you may need to pay tax on them. Second jobs on an evening or part-time basis are also a potential option, whether you deliver catalogues for a direct marketing company or take on an evening job at the local pub.

Trade in Forex

For those with a willingness to learn and a serious desire to earn extra cash by using their laptop and wits, forex – or foreign exchange – trading is a vast market that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You bet against currency fluctuations to make (or lose) money. Good traders devote significant amounts of time to furthering their knowledge and understanding of the forex market before playing with real money, or they experiment with small initial sums whilst they get their hang of it. You should always trade with a clear strategy, an appreciation of the tools at your disposal, and a healthy recognition of risk. You can find out more at

Make Money Online

If you’re just looking to make a little pin money, there are a vast number of online survey sites, cashback sites, and work-from-home opportunities available, most of which do need careful sifting through to be sure of authenticity. Online market research and surveys are becoming increasingly popular and a nice way to earn a little extra bonus cash simply for sharing your opinions. Equally, you could start a blog if you have a topic you are passionate about, and then monetise your site over time with paid-for advertising and other online revenue-generation means. Just focus on quality content and building traffic initially before you start to commercialise the site. This will help to build integrity and increase your following.

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