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How an internship could help kickstart your career

Internships are a great way for students or recent graduates to get a taste for different businesses and roles and can be a fruitful way to find contacts for a possible future career.

The benefits of internships

You have a lot to gain from an internship. From a personal development perspective, it offers an opportunity to build your confidence, get experience working as part of a team in a commercial setting, and will show any future employer that you are a go-getter that wants to progress their career. No matter what path you decide to take with your career in future years, an internship will have set you up with useful skills and experience.

One hopes that their internship will cement the idea that a certain career path is for them, but even if you learn by the end of your internship that you would prefer a different career, then you would have still learned a lot in the process. And you would have been able to make a better and more informed decision about your future than before you started.

Beyond these broader benefits, there is also the significant bonus that if you decide that the organisation you intern at is where you would like to work in the future, then you already have one foot in the door. When you apply for a grad-scheme or junior role at the company, not only will employees there already know that you are a team player and good to work with, but you will have a direct line to management and your application will be at the top of the pile.

The best locations for internships

Internships are a fantastic way to experience different jobs but also different cities or even countries. If you are curious about how life is like in a city then choosing it for an internship can be a great way to experience the vibe of the place before deciding whether you would enjoy the move.

Larger cities tend to have more opportunities, and so places like London attract a lot of young people looking to kickstart their careers, and as a result local and international internships in London are very popular. Whether you want to experience the greenery and glamour of west London or the parties and chaos of the east or south of the city, London can be a wonderful place to live as a young person.

Whilst London remains arguably the most popular place for people to find internships in the UK, other cities like Edinburgh, Bristol, and Manchester all also have thriving cultural and tech scenes for people who prefer life in a city that is more walkable. Or, for those who would prefer to explore life in another country then Berlin and Lisbon both offer a lot for those looking for the next step towards a career.

When to apply for an internship

If you are currently studying at university or have recent graduated and want to experience a possible career path then the right time to apply is now. Companies offer internships throughout the year, and so if you are interested then the best way to start the process is by researching your options today and start applying.

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