Leading company Portafina helps those interested in a finance career

The financial sector, in 2017 alone, contributed £119 billion to the UK economy, which is a staggering 6.5% of total economic output. While all areas of the financial sector can be attributed to providing this incredible amount, a fraction of this contribution by the financial industry can be attributed to those who deliver pension services in particular. Specialist companies, such as Portafina, have made a significant contribution in 2018.

Portafina has had an eventful year. The inspiring company has received local as well as international recognition for their contributions to the finance sector. There is a variety of reasons why this happened, including their drive and dedication to providing easy to access and transparent financial services for every individual client.

In terms of accolades, they were included in the MegaGrowth Top 50 List by KM Media Group. This media platform has been providing news and entertainment to people in the county of Kent for over 150 years. Portafina was able to land a spot on this list as a result of being one of the fastest growing privately owned businesses in based in Kent, which is an astounding achievement for a relatively new company.

In addition to this, Portafina has been ranked as a leading financial adviser in the UK by the Financial Times, a renowned finance body that carries a range of finance-related news and information.  After analysing data and their performance, they found that Portafina ranked top within the industry.

The Financial Times didn’t stop there, however; they also featured Portafina on their Financial Times Future 100 List. The impact they’ve made in terms of the environment, demonstrating diversity, and using new and exciting technology in the workplace made this highly sought after position on the list possible.

As any company should be, Portafina are both excited and proud of their success this year, with Jamie Smith-Thompson, Managing Director saying:

“Being presented with three major awards in 2018 is actually quite hard to take in. We are looking forward to seeing where 2019 takes us.”

What’s Next?

To give back and celebrate their success as a business, Portafina has decided to help those who are pursuing a career in finance. In response to this, they’ve created a website that’s targeted at those interested in pursuing finance careers.

As a company, Portafina believes in a personal approach when it comes to recruitment and has made sure that helping other people is a core factor in their hiring policy. They are focused on equipping their team with the tools they need to succeed. Beyond skills and experience, they’re looking for people who are friendly, keen, determined and ready to carry out teamwork.

This is a perfect time for joining their team as they’re growing quickly and making their mark in the finance industry. Visit Portafina’s new job site today if you want to find out about opportunities to join their company.

For more information, find Portafina on LinkedIn to get updates and hear about career opportunities. You should also follow their other social media platforms which are @Portafina UK on Twitter, Portafina Youtube and Portafina Facebook.

Photograph by Steve PB

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