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Offline ways to advertise your business to students: booklets, t-shirts, and sponsorship

The first few customers are always the hardest to find for any new business, and that is true whether you are targeting FTSE 100 CEOs or university students. Luckily for firms looking to reach a student audience, there are a few cost-effective offline ways to get your name in front of students and to begin building your brand amongst users who could be yours for life.

Internet firms like Facebook and Google may be the recipients of the vast majority of ad spends, but when your target demographic is geographically focused, like those at university, offline spending can produce a much better ROI. Here are three great offline ways to advertise your business to students:

Flyers and leaflets in local pubs and coffee shops

Today’s students spend a lot of time hanging out in local coffee shops during the day and pubs at night, so these are great locations to target with ads for your business. Many of these places will have notice boards, where you can put up a flyer or tables where you can drop off some booklets or flyers. You will need to check with staff that they are happy for you to promote your business, but most are happy to help out local businesses and flyer and booklet printing is a pretty low cost way to get people to find out about your products or services.

Giveaway some t-shirts

Who turns down a free t-shirt? If you set yourself up at a popular student location and just start giving our free t-shirts you will find a pretty receptive audience. Whilst finding out someone’s size you can give them a very short pitch about your business, but even if they aren’t persuaded to sign up right there and then – just by wearing your shirt they are a valuable asset for your company. You will have to be relatively subtle about how you brand your shirts, but t-shirts can provide marketing value for months or even years down the line. Even if someone only wears your shirt to work out at the gym, they are a walking billboard for your company for a few hours per week.

Sponsor a university sports team or club

Sports and clubs are hugely popular at university, with people able to join everything from football teams to wine appreciation societies. If you can find a club or society that is relevant to your company then you will have a ready-made source of leads that are always looking for sponsors for their next event or team kit. Your company could provide a bar tab for the club at every meeting, raffle prizes at their fundraisers, or pay for a team’s kit – all of which could buy you time with members or at the very least increase awareness by getting your name associated with such activities.

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