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Popular SpeedQuizzing app adds bingo to entertainment offerings

The developers of the popular SpeedQuizzing app that brought technology to the pub quiz are extending their hand at revolutionising another popular pastime that’s popular with students and everyone else alike – bingo.

The riotous Bongo’s Bingo continues to be a big hit amongst student crowds with its unique blend of 90s rave music, glow sticks, and jugs of Prosecco, but for those who prefer a slightly quieter evening, a night of Speed Bingo at their favourite local pub could be a real winner.

The Speed Bingo platform can be accessed through the SpeedQuizzing app and offers pubs and other venues a way to do away with the pens and paper slips, and instead engage with their customers directly on their smartphones. As the app is free to download on iOS and Android, so anyone can download it, not just publicans, and use it to host bingo games either in the pub or elsewhere – no activation payment is required. The app-maker highlights locations for its games on its website.

The app automatically populates a 4X4 grid for each player with sixteen random numbers from one to 80, and players tough the numbers as they are read out by the host. The whole experience is designed to be fast-paced and fun, with players no longer being forced to wait patiently whilst new slips are handed out or completed cards are checked. And in those rare occasions when two or more players complete their card at the same time and shout Bingo!, the app will randomly assign a winner – no need for a coin toss or a split prize.

The game could be a hit with pub landlords that are continually looking for new ways to attract and maintain customers amidst a challenging industry backdrop when ever fewer people are going to pubs regularly for a pint or glass of wine. Commenting on the launch, joint founder and head of tech, John Leach, said: “Over the last few years, bingo has really taken off again and pubs up and down the UK are increasingly looking to incorporate it into their weekly entertainment offering as they look to drive footfall and sales.

“Speed Bingo provides pubs with the perfect platform to host their own exciting bingo nights – and it’s completely free. It’s easy to host and play and the fast-paced nature of the game generates huge excitement and buzz, which we’re sure will have customers returning time and time again.

“We believe we’ve done exactly that with Speed Bingo and we’re confident it’ll help to drive footfall, sales and fun in pubs at a time when such a tonic is badly needed.”

Community games and events like quizzes and bingo can be good drivers of footfall for pubs, but some pubs are going even further. Pubs are trying out everything from virtual reality to ping-pong tables to keep their punters entertained. Last week, one pub in Canterbury even turned to a “weirdest talent” competition to attract customers and raise money for the mental health charity MIND, with everyone from singers to contortionists taking part for a chance to win £250.

One pub in Canterbury has recently launched a search for the ‘weirdest talent’ in an effort to bring people in the door. The pub regularly hosts popular music nights with performances from popular bands and artists, but for its talent show they had a contortionist amongst a variety of other hopefuls in the running for the £250 prize. The pub, which describes itself as “student-led” held the talent show last weekend in support of the mental health charity MIND.

Photograph by Drew Beamer

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