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Simple and creative ways to make some money in your spare time

Money makes the world go round; there’s no doubt about it. These days, life seems to be more money-driven than ever before. Personally, I put this down to the rising cost of living. But, that’s a separate issue for a different day!

Today’s issue is how you can make some extra money in your spare time, without being bored. Check out these creative ideas down below:

3D Printing

If you want to be creative, and earn money, then buy a 3D printer. I know it sounds counter-productive, spending money when you want to earn it. However, these printers give you a chance to unleash your creativity. You can design and print out various 3D items. Some people are making a fortune by doing this. There are loads of things you can create, from plastic toys to mini artistic sculptures. But, if you want my advice, I say dip into the mobile phone market. Create phone cases from your 3D printer, and you’ll reel in the cash in your spare time.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. And, it presents a very creative way of earning some money on the side. There are plenty of video games that you can play competitively and win money. These days, you don’t have to look far to find a tournament for your favourite game. So, if you’re always beating your friends on FIFA, turn your talents into profits. Then, you have other forms of online gaming too. There are plenty of places like Maria Casino with endless online games. You can play these and win big cash prizes while you’re at it.

Create Videos

Video creation has long been a very creative method of making money. Nowadays, people are quitting their jobs after finding success on YouTube. That’s right, creating and uploading videos can earn you enough money to turn it into a business. But, don’t just stop at YouTube. If you have a spare few seconds, upload a short clip to Vine. Many people are earning money through endorsements on sponsors on this platform! Personally, I prefer YouTube as you can have success by uploading vlogs. This means you film your day, talk to a camera, and earn advertising revenue.

Music Reviews

Did you know that you can make some extra cash by reviewing music? It’s true; there are websites that let you review unknown and unsigned artists. As a thank you for your time, you can earn a small slice of cash. Okay, it’s not life changing money, but, it’s enough to give your finances a boost. It’s an excellent thing to do if you’re running a business and want more money on the side. When you’re relaxing on the weekends, listen to some new tunes and write reviews. It can help you get some extra cash to put into your business!

If you need some extra money, then give one of these ideas a try. Or, if you have a lot of spare time to be creative, consider all four! No matter what, they’re all great ways of boosting your finances and generating more cash.

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