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Six ways to make extra money to get through uni life

We all know university life can be expensive with the seemingly never-ending costs of rent, books, technology, and beer and keeping your bank balance in good health can be difficult. Some students may spend their free time watching Countdown and Deal or No Deal, but if you want to make some extra cash to help fund your lifestyle then here are a few options.

Become a brand ambassador

If you’re sociable and and think of yourself as a good salesperson then you may do well as a brand ambassador. It looks great on your CV, and the connections you make could make it easier to find a full-time job with the brand once you leave.

Various well known brands including Red Bull, Bloomberg, Nestle, RBS, and many more household brands offer ambassadorship programmes, with each company looking to turn students into long-term customers, and the positions can be quite lucrative.

Sell your notes

If you keep meticulous notes on your classes, then it may be worth typing them up and selling them to your classmates, people doing the courses you completed in previous years, or those doing similar courses at other universities. Sites like Notesale offer a marketplace for students looking to sell or buy notes, but you may find that just offering the option to your classmates or posting about the offer on university noticeboards may get you sales as well.

Become a tutor

You have got into university to study, which means that you are already better versed in your chosen subject(s) then the vast majority of people – and you can put this knowledge to use by tutoring people. If you are knowledgeable in math, history, geography, or any other school-taught subject – then you can make a good amount of money charging £15-20/h to tutor kids studying for their GCSEs, AS levels, and A levels.

Do note that to work with kids you will need a CBS check, so if you want to take tutoring seriously then it would be a good idea to talk to a local teaching agency, the details of which you will be able to find at you university careers advice centre.

Change bank accounts

Banks hope that the one you choose at university becomes the one you stick with for life, so they tend to try very hard to sign up university students – and this includes financial incentives. Changing your student bank account more than once while at university may affect your credit rating, and the incentives should only form part of your reason to change – but if you are in need of a quick £50 or £100, or even discounted travel fares then take a look at swapping your bank.

Complete surveys and reviews

Many companies want people to provide feedback or test out their new services or products, and offer rewards to those that help. Online pollsters like YouGov often run prize draws for those that fill out their various surveys, as do review firms like UserTesting and even Google with their Opinion Rewards programme.

Cash-back and coupons

We buy more and more things online today, from gadgets to clothes to food, and thanks to coupons and cashback sites you can often get major discounts and even make a little money back out of each purchase. Before buying anything online take a look at sites like VoucherBox and MyVoucherCodes to see if the retailer has any money off coupons, and then see if Topcashback or Quidco have cashback offers – you could well save yourself more than 10% on your overall purchase!

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