Student budgeting: Offers explained

Students aren’t known for being the most wealthy demographic, and amongst the need to pay for books, stationary, societies, and – probably the largest expenditure – partying, the need to pay for more mundane purchases- food, bills, rent etc – is often forgotten. It’s a position many of us have been in, and an unenviable one at that, however there is one easy, obvious way for students suffering under the yoke of an empty wallet to wrestle control over their accounts: deals, sales and offers.

Get the codes

As one might have expected, some of the best special offers available to students are online, with practically every website worth its salt providing some goods and services for a discounted fee. If you’re buying something off of a site, before you pay make sure to do a quick search to see if there are any discount codes available for the specific online store; the likes of HotUKDeals and similar discount sites have saved millions for cash-strapped students over the years!

Social media

Procrastinating via social media sites is a firm mainstay of student lifestyles, but there’s a way you can put all of that clicking, swiping and sighing to use! Ten Ways (to shave more money as a student, without working) is one of the most useful pages on Facebook, it’s 440,000 likes a testament to its massive appeal. The page lists deals from across the internet, posting codes, checkout glitches and ridiculous deals for users to use at their pleasure. The amounts you can save using Ten Ways…madness!

Introductory offers

Although this one is perhaps more of a tip for those that have a little money to start off with, and must be conducted in a cold, clinical manner, finding and using the special offers featured on online gaming sites can be an excellent way to have a little fun, or to literally make money! Often, online gaming sites will offer free cash deals to new customers to play with, free plays or multipliers on winnings that crafty people can use to get a few extra pounds to either play with or use to make cash. A recent deal for William Hill (featured on Ten Ways) afforded a £25 free bet to anyone who deposited £5. Using this cash on the site’s roulette games, betting on red, black (not green) thousands of people made sums from £25 to hundreds of pounds! Of course some people lost and William Hill were likely rather annoyed by the exploitation of its site’s loopholes, but if it’s there, take advantage! You are a student, after all!

Photograph by Martin Abegglen

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