Student entertainment

Student life is a period when you actually have some free time to explore the world around you and find what you are passionate about – whether that means seeing music, sport, politics, or something more obscure.

University towns and cities attract large numbers of young people, and that means there is always plenty to do, whether organised through the university or privately.


Sport is a great way to find like-minded people at university or college – and become part of a team. It doesn’t matter if you are into rugby, football, hockey, snooker, skiing or chess there will be a university team for you to join. And normally there are teams or groups for every experience level – so even if you have only flirted with sport before, maybe now is a good time to take one up?


Most bands and DJs get their start at university or college, so if you are musically inclined then get yourself along to as many live gigs as possible to find like-minded people. You may find your own band mates to become the next Arctic Monkeys, or you might just find some good friends you you share a passion with – both are always good options.


Many people come to university looking to “find themselves”, and that means putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. For many people that means getting on stage in front of an audience, and joining a theatre group is a great way of achieving this. Maybe you’re into Shakespeare, or maybe you’re into musicals – there will be groups for these and everything in between.

Comedy and Improvisation

Another way of putting yourself out in front of an audience would be to get involved in the comedy or improvisation circuits. Making people laugh all on your own may be a daunting task at first, but if you join a group doing improvisation you can improve your confidence and see where it gets you – you could be the next Stephen Colbert!


No matter where you live there are people there in need. Charities are always looking for young and enthusiastic people to help and it could be as simple as serving food to the homeless or spending time talking to the elderly. This may not sound like entertainment, but you could make a real difference to people’s lives and doing good always makes you feel better!

Nights out

For a lot of people university means finding your limits, and that means nights out with your friends. Each town is different in what is on offer, but without fail you’ll find students having fun somewhere where there are cheap drinks and music to dance to. What is university without making some embarrassing mistakes?

Nights in

All these activities along with all the school work will mean you will get tired, and there is nothing wrong with having some nights in to refresh yourself – watching films, cooking dinner parties, playing multiplayer games with your friends or free casino games online. And if you do have some energy, then there’s always Netflix and chill…

Photograph by Arek Olek

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