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The best places to study finance-related courses at university

Considering where to study when heading to university can seem like an overwhelming decision, however, once you know what course you wish to take it can be much easier to narrow down your options.

Many employers take on graduates from a wide variety of backgrounds, but if you’re planning to go into a specific financial field you may need to be more particular with your university choice.

It’s important to choose a university that scores highly for your chosen field, rather than in a league table as a whole.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the best places to study finance-related courses in the UK, helping make your decision a little easier.

University of Sheffield

Consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the UK, the University of Sheffield has a prestigious reputation and is one of the original red brick universities.

There are lots of famous past students too, you never know who you could be rubbing shoulders with next! Whether it’s the chief economist at the Bank of England, an astronaut or Olympic gold medalist, you’ll be in good company.

The university has multiple business partnerships with industry leaders such as BAE Systems, Siemens, Rolls-Royce and more. The fact that the UoS has these incredible partners and that the department of finance has a strong focus on future strategies provides a great opportunity. You’ll benefit from learning about modern techniques as well as potentially being able to build a promising future with an industry leader.

Here’s a range of some of the undergraduate finance course available at the University of Sheffield:

  • Financial Mathematics
  • Economics with Finance
  • Accounting and Financial management
  • Business management and Economics

You could also have the option of taking a year abroad.

Aside from university life, there’s always something going on in Sheffield. With everything in close proximity, it’s perfect for getting about and offers a lively, friendly and quirky vibe. What more could you want?

University of Glasgow

You might be shocked to know that the University of Glasgow has been around since 1451, making it the 4th Oldest in the English speaking world and the 2nd Oldest in Scotland. No wonder it ranks in the top 100 universities in the world.

Adam Smith or as he’s sometimes known, The Father of Economics, was a notable alumnus of the University of Glasgow. Given that he laid the foundation of the classical free-market theory should surely mean that the University of Glasgow makes your shortlist.

The Business school also happens to be named after Adam Smith. Here’s a selection of finance courses you’ll be able to choose from at the University of Glasgow:

  • Accountancy & Finance (International and Language options available)
  • Business Economics
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Economics and Social History

As a city steeped in history and culture, there’s always lots to do in Glasgow, whether it’s getting acquainted with the friendly locals or wandering around taking in the art, architecture and unique feel.

University of Leicester

It might be one of the younger universities on the list but it still has quite the reputation and even several claims to fame. The university is known for its association with the Attenborough brothers, David and Richard. Not only that but in recent years it’s probably most known for the discovery of King Richard III’s body under a Leicester car park.

The Accounting and finance departments at UoL are committed to high-quality research and teaching. This means there is a wide range of specialisms within this department, such as; corporate finance, financial markets, financial risk management, capital markets research and more. If the University of Leicester wasn’t on your radar it should be now given the level and range of lecturers they have.

An example of the vast range of finance courses available at the University of Leicester:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Banking and International Finance
  • Economics and Accounting
  • Financial Economics and Banking
  • Politics and Economics

Leicester has a great blend of sport, arts, shopping and nightlife that’s perfect for any student. So if you like quirky boutiques, art and music festivals and top-flight sport, Leicester could be the perfect place for you.

University of Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde is the only university to be named the university of the year twice by Times Higher Education. That puts into perspective how good this university is. More importantly, from 2019 to – present it has been named as the top UK university for Accounting and Finance.

The Department of Accounting and Finance is really where the University of Strathclyde excels. It’s one of the UK’s major research centres and covers a large range of expertise in finance. From corporate finance, international banking, volatility in financial markets, financial technology and everything in between, you’ll be in the best place to learn your specialism inside and out.

A small selection of finance courses available at the University of Strathclyde:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Financial technology
  • International Banking and Finance
  • Investment and Finance
  • Finance and Human Resource Management
  • Finance and Business Law
  • Finance & Mathematics and Statistics

Based in Glasgow it benefits from everything Scotland’s second city has to offer. Take a day trip and explore the city for yourself and you’ll get a feel for why thousands of students choose Glasgow year after year.

It’s always important to thoroughly research where you’re going to study. Hopefully, our guide has helped make your decision easier. When you’re doing your own research take into account the university’s credentials as well as the location in general, after all, it’s where you’ll be spending the next 3+ years of your life.

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