Three methods of earning money while at university

Getting a good education is important. It helps open up so many possibilities in your life, and can boost your earning potential once you graduate. However, it can be tough to be a student, especially if you don’t have much financial support from family, and student loans aren’t always enough to cover day to day expenses. That’s why many students look for ways to boost their income while they’re still in education, so they can have a bit of extra cash for living comfortably, and can enjoy some luxuries. Here are a few ideas for making money while you study, without getting behind at college or university.

1. Find part-time work

A part-time job doesn’t have to mean serving fries or stacking shelves. There are lots of ways you can use the knowledge gained at university to make money on your days off or the holidays.

  • Look for part-time jobs on industry focused websites – this will mean you get experience relevant to your degree that’ll look great on your CV.
  • Tutor – if you’ve got great GCSE and A-Level grades, then consider tutoring kids who are struggling with these subjects. Working as a tutor is hard work, but is usually well paid. If you’re going into teaching then it’s especially good experience.
  • Check your university job boards – universities will often employ students to do flexible part-time jobs such as administrators, technicians, library staff, and much more.

2. Earn money online

There are many ways you can earn money on your computer or tablet, and many of them can be done while you’re watching TV in the evening.

Signing up for survey and cash back sites is a good start. Reputable survey sites will pay a few pounds for each one you do, and they’re usually pretty easy, if a little dull. Shop through cash back sites and you’ll earn money back when you buy anything from their partner sites, which soon adds up.

Another popular method to make cash online is by using the free bonuses on gambling sites to your advantage. Matched betting is a great way to make money from home, and as long as you follow the instructions, and don’t get sucked into online gambling in the long term, you can make spare cash when it’s needed.

3. Be an entrepreneur

Everyone has a skill that they can make money from, and there are lots of ways to do so. Many students do some freelancing during the holidays or quiet times, allowing them to build up their portfolio and network in their chosen industries. There are lots of ideas for starting a business online, many of which wouldn’t take much money or time to start up. Some sites also allow you to sell your services online, putting you in touch with busy people in your area who want someone to run errands for them.

When you’re in education, your studies come first, but if you’ve got some free time it’s worth trying to earn some extra cash. You’ll then have a safety net if something comes up, or you can save up for your adventures during the summer holidays. Whatever your reasons for wanting to earn more, there are plenty of ways to meet your goal.

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