Useful Resources for International Students in the UK

Studying in the UK is a great experience that more and more international students are undergoing in recent years, but it can of course be a little daunting, especially to those from countries whose customs are particularly different to those in the UK.

Therefore we thought we’d put a guide together of some resources you may find useful when coming to the UK as a foreign student to help make different aspects of your life easier so you can concentrate on having a great time and enjoying uni!

Adapting to life in the UK

Making the initial transition can seem like a big step, so taking advantage of useful tools to help you settle in is really important. Getting to grips with main things like registering with a local doctor and familiarising yourself with laws and customs should always be a priority where possible, as well as finding somewhere to live in which you feel safe, secure and happy, like the good student accommodation in London options with companies like Urbanest.

Language tools

If your native language isn’t English, this can add elements of stress to your adventure, especially if you aren’t very confident in your English speaking skills. The UK is so diverse; however, that you are never far away from someone – or something – that can help make things a little easier for you.

Financial aids

Keeping on top of your finances can be a huge struggle for any student, yet it can feel a lot more complicated if you’re studying in a different country than you were born in. There are lots of resources out there including international bank accounts and budgeting aids to help you get to grips with living in the UK on a student budget.

Support networks

Getting connected with other international students whilst you’re studying in the UK can be really great as it’s useful to chat to people who know exactly what you’re going through, and they can help if you need it and vice versa. Staying in touch with home is also important for you and your loved ones back home and there are lots of devices and applications you can use to do it easily and cheaply.

Help with finding work

Finding work is of course one of the most important thing to get out of your university experience, so knowing you have some ideas lined up for when you do graduate can be really useful. Also, if you want or need to work alongside your studies, there are lots of resources for that, too.

Photograph by Ildar Sagdejev

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