Ways for students to make some extra money

If you’re still studying at the University, there’s a chance that your parents are still supporting you as much as they can, but whether they are, or they aren’t, isn’t even important – at least based on my own experience. Independent of how much money I had in hand, a few days before the end of the month I had to take a small loan from a friend of mine. And he usually asked the same of me somewhere in the middle of the month. That’s just how it goes. the reasons can be different – either you just have not enough money or you’re just not thinking of money management too much, or if at all. My problem was the latter, actually still is.

So what’s the best way to solve a problem like that? Obviously, find new sources of income. While during university extra jobs, etc, sounds like a good idea, nothing actually changes when you get older. You can still apply the same idea to your money problem – just find new sources of money.

But what can you do to make some extra money, whether you’re a current or former student?

I won’t make anything up, I’ll just list things that I did, or how my course mates made money during the university. And really, while most people try to come up with very outside the box things, you don’t need to do that, just stay on planet Earth. And take advantage of your hobbies and interests.

Work in media

As we were actually studying journalism and PR, you could say that these jobs were only fit for us. But that’s actually not true. In low level everyone can do them. So one of my course mates worked as a news reader in a local radio station. Okay, she had to wake up at 4am, so not the greatest job, but it put food on the table (read: beer) and paid the rent. Some of my mates also worked as summer reporters at any of the daily or weekly newspapers. And no, you don’t need to have a special education to do that. And I sometimes also wrote travel articles to local weekly newspapers whenever I felt like it. And I also managed to get a few published in a weekly English edition of a paper in Shanghai. So you just need to give it a shot.

Work in a bar/cafeteria

Obviously that’s a simple thing to consider. Not that the job itself is simple, but good bar staff is usually always in high demand.

Be a referee

A few of my friends who were also interested in sports, they made money by being referees for different lower level games – be it football, basketball, or anything else.


If I say gambling is a method of earning money, most people would not agree with me – and for many people they would be right. However, it does depend on what you are doing, how you are doing it, and a good deal of luck. One of my course mates actually learned to play poker – it took him couple of years – but after that he won thousands in live tournaments as well as online cash games. Another friend of mine who was very interested in sports, took up online betting as a way of add ing a bit more excitement to watching the games and making some extra money on the side. My brother simply took advantage of the small bonus offers, deposited like 10 bucks, by the end of the week took out 50, and so forth. So he didn’t make loads of money with it, but he did it smart, he didn’t lose, and neither did he put too much time in it. As with all gambling – the important thing is to remember when to stop and to never spend more than you can afford.

So there are enough opportunities out there for everyone who needs to make extra money during the university – some fun and some less-so, but all could help alleviate the pressure a university lifestyle puts on your bank balance.

Photograph by Steve PB

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