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What are the top benefits of getting an online degree?

Online education has significantly risen in popularity over the last couple of years, thanks to the COVID19 pandemic putting a virtual spin on almost everything in our lives. While campuses are mostly operating as normal across the UK at the present time, many were forced to close their doors to all but healthcare students during the COVID19 lockdowns, with online learning the only alternative available to help students continue getting the education they had signed up for without interruption. However, online learning is not something that has only come about as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

While the crisis has certainly made it something that is now more mainstream and raised people’s awareness of distance learning options, online degree programs have been around for decades now. While it might not be the best choice for every student, there is no denying that some students tend to thrive better when they can learn from home instead. And, studying online offers a range of further benefits for students that are worth considering. If you want to get a degree, here are some of the top reasons to consider doing it online.

Program choice

Online education can be very beneficial for students who would not otherwise have the option to choose from a very wide range of degree course options. When you are limited to where you can study due to your home location, family commitments, or your job, you will often find that you are also limited to the number of courses that you can choose from. In the past, students might have had to choose a different course based on what’s available close to them, if they were unable to relocate or travel to study for the degree qualification they really wanted. With online learning, there is often more choice. If you want to get a doctorate in business administration, for example, but there’s nothing available like that at the university located closest to you, you can get your online DBA from Aston University Online with no need to consider relocating or travelling long distances daily.

Save money

With the cost of getting a university degree on the rise, more and more students are turning to online degree courses to help them save more money. Depending on where you decide to get your online degree from, you may pay the same in tuition fees as an on-campus program or a little bit less. Either way, you will still be able to get a student tuition fee loan to pay towards the cost of your program, with no need to pay it back until you are earning over a certain amount after you graduate. For many students, the main way that they can save money when deciding to study online instead is with all the associated costs and the opportunity cost of studying. There’s no need to consider relocation or commuting costs, paying for food while you’re on campus, or buying new clothes for class that can all add up over time.

Work and earn

Online degree programs are often the more flexible choice, which makes them an ideal alternative to a traditional degree course for students who need to continue working while getting their degree. Studying online can help you reduce the opportunity cost of getting your degree if you are currently working full-time since there will not be any requirement for you to quit your job or reduce your hours so you can fit studying in. With a fully flexible online degree course, you have the power to choose when you can study at times that suit you best, making it much easier for you to fit the education around your current commitments, rather than being in a situation where things are the other way around. Online degree courses allow you to study in the evenings, on the weekends, and at other times that are most convenient for you, rather than having set lecture and class times that you will need to be present for.

Build your professional network

Contrary to popular belief, studying for your degree online is not always as isolating as you might think. These days, there are countless options available when it comes to connecting with others virtually, so there is no need for students to be physically present in the classroom for them to meet, socialise, and network with their peers and professors. With any degree program, getting to know your fellow students is not only an ideal way to make new friends and build lasting relationships, but it can also be a great way to build your professional network and improve your list of contacts that could be useful to you in the future when it comes to your career. Online degree courses often offer a wide range of ways for students to do this, including online chat rooms, forums, social media groups, group chats, local meetups and events, and more.

Take it at your own pace

Since online degree courses tend to be more flexible, they will often also come with the additional benefit of being able to take the program at a pace that suits you best. Many online degree courses that are offered in the UK are flexible enough for you to take your time and get your degree with a timeline that suits you best. Perhaps you need to take some extra time between modules; studying online certainly makes it easier to do this compared to getting your degree in a traditional campus setting.

Improve your skills

While studying for your degree online, you’re not only going to have the chance to improve your knowledge and skills that are specific to the program you choose and your future career goals, but online study can also be an ideal way to improve your transferable soft skills and build a skill set that will help you get further in the world of work. Today, employers often consider online degree graduates since studying online gives you the opportunity to get better at communication, self-motivation, organization, time management, and more.

No matter what you want to study or why you want to get a degree, studying online is the way forward for many students today.

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