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The shift towards online learning has dramatically accelerated over the last year, and whilst much of that has been schools and universities shifting their teaching online, a large part has also been individuals sharing their knowledge with the world through free and paid courses across a variety of platforms.

Build your own with WordPress

While the hosted options below can be great for people who just want to share one or two courses and don’t want the headache of running their own platform, it has never been easier to setup your own niche online learning platform to compete.

WordPress already power around 40 per cent of the world’s websites, and can be turned into a learning management system relatively easily (if you know what you’re doing) with a dedicated education wordpress theme. The benefits of using WordPress is the wealth of expertise there is available for the CMS and its free and open source nature. If you want to run your own education platform, then WordPress is possibly the easiest way to do so.


Udemy was one of the first and remains one of the best known learning platforms online. It is very easy to sign up and either create your own course and set a cost (or keep it free) and Udemy will handle everything else from enrolments to billing.

This type of open platform can be very useful if your knowledge is very specific, but for most topics there are currently a wealth of other tutors competing for the same subscribers and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Add to that the reality of Udemy taking a 50% cut of any fees you charge, and you may start looking at other options.


While Udemy is an open and free platform, Teachable is a premium paid platform, so if you are creating a course you pay them $29+ per month and then you keep most (95%) of the fees you make from enrolments. As with the premium nature of Teachable, the design is more striking and it arguably offers a better user experience than Udemy, but you are charged whether you make any money or not and Teachable does not highlight your course in their marketplace the way Udemy does.

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