Handy hints for financial health

Here are 14 short tips for keeping your accounts in order while you are studying at university, and making sure you are making the most out of the sums made available from the government, award and grant agencies, and the Student Loans Company. Some are common sense, but if you follow all the steps then you should be able to survive without getting into too much debt.

  • Always try and stay in control of your financial situation – remember to budget
  • Compare student bank accounts and find the best one for your needs
  • If you get into difficulty – ask for help at an early stage
  • Make sure you are recieving your full state entitlement
  • Take out your Student Loan
  • Take advantage of student discounts
  • Get the best deal you can from your bank – it is best to use a local branch with a student advisor
  • Maintain communication with your bank and discuss difficulties with your bank manager before becoming overdrawn or going beyond agreed limits, thus avoiding un-necessary charges
  • Pay bills on time to avoid ‘late’ charges
  • Return library books on time to avoid fees
  • Feed yourself properly and economically
  • Keep your socialising within limits you can afford
  • Do not buy all the books and equipment on your list without taking advice. Some may not be essential, or may be in the library, or may be available second-hand
  • Do not be tempted by credit!
  • Insure your possessions – burglaries are very expensive!

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